Public Works Department

Public Works is responsible for daily proactive and reactive maintenance functions for Town facilities, public roads, water quality and distribution, stormwater controls, and public parks.  On any given day, you may see the team pressure washing, grading roads, sampling water for cleanliness, repairing water lines, exercising valves, hydrant flow testing, clearing storm drains of sediment and litter, or trimming trees.  All of these activities, and more, we handle with pride, knowing that they provide for the overall safety and well being of residents and visitors.  We thank you for allowing us the privilege to serve you.
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Routine Field Operations

Activity Description
Water Treatment Public Works routinely maintains our 2 water wells, records water withdrawal information, performs water treatment, conducts plant maintenance, and insures water quality through daily testing.
Water Distribution The department is responsible for repair and maintenance of all the water mains and services in the Town of Oakland.  The Town has over 1,200 metered connections.
Hydrant Maintenance Public Works maintains and repairs all 130 hydrants in the Town.  Typical maintenance activities include flow or pressure testing, painting hydrants, and hydrant flushing.
Streets & Drainage Responsibilities include coordinating the maintenance of all Town streets, sidewalks, and right-of-way mowing.  
Street Lights The Town is responsible for Town-owned lights, which include Town Center and our parks.  A majority of the street lighting is owned and operated by Duke Energy.  The Public Works Department, along with Oakland Police Department, report malfunctioning lamps on a frequent basis.  You may also report a malfunctioning street light to Duke Energy. 
Traffic Public Works is responsible for maintaining street signage and coordinating maintenance of traffic light and school signals. 
Stormwater Operations The department is responsible for coordinating maintenance and clearing of all Town drainage pipes, ditches, and swales in order to provide for proper water flow and drainage.
Right-of-Way Mowing The department schedules and executes mowing of Town right-of-ways and stormwater ponds.  For privately-owned or Orange County owned stormwater ponds and swales, the department coordinates maintenance on a semi-annual basis.    
Street Sweeping Unique to Oakland, a majority of the residential streets are unpaved.  For the 12 miles of paved Town-owned streets, the department contracts a sweeping program semi-annually.