Chief of Police

It is an honor to serve as the Police Chief for the Oakland Police Department. I have the privilege of working alongside a group of individuals who are dedicated to providing quality law enforcement services.

Oakland is known for its towering Oaks and rich heritage. The police department is committed to providing a safe environment for residents and visitors alike. By employing contemporary practices and innovative strategies we work continuously to preserve the peace while discouraging the criminal element.

We value the community as a whole. Our residents, businesses, churches and service organizations are all important partners in our quest to maintain the special qualities of Oakland. Additionally we value the individual and are dedicated to the belief that everyone should be treated with the dignity and respect that they deserve.

We believe that the police department can be most effective by being woven into the fabric of the community; not merely serving as an extension of town governance. As such we invite comments from those we serve on how we can improve. Feedback, both good and bad, will ultimately help us to become a better department.

John Peek
Chief of Police
Chief John Peek