Code Enforcement

The Town of Oakland has adopted Town Codes specifically designed to address blight and nuisances and to help maintain a clean environment for all citizens in our community.  The Town of Oakland does this by working in partnership with the citizens who call Oakland home. 
Report A Violation:
To report a violation please send an email to or call (407) 656-9797 ext. 2226 with the following information: 

Type of Violation

Location with address if possible

Any additional information you feel is relevant

Optional:  Your contact information if you would like an officer to follow up with you.

Important Notice:
As of July 1st 2021 County and Municipal Code Enforcement agencies are restricted from initiating investigations of potential violations of codes and ordinances by way of anonymous complaints.  Citizens looking to file a complaint must provide their name and address to the code enforcement inspector before an investigation can occur.

Please see CS/SB 60: County and Municipal Code Enforcement for more information.