About the Town of Oakland

Oakland, established in 1887, is one of the oldest municipalities in Orange County. In fact, Oakland celebrated its 130th anniversary in 2017. Years ago Oakland was a major center of commerce with a thriving downtown that boasted an opera house and a number of commercial establishments. Unfortunately, due to fires the downtown was decimated and never rebuilt. Today, Oakland is a diverse, thriving and growing small community noted for its laid-back lifestyle and majestic oak trees. We operate under a Commission/Manager form of local government with a Mayor, Kathy Stark and four Commissioners elected at-large.
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Oakland Nature Preserve

Located between Lake Apopka and John’s Lake, Oakland has a rich history of railroads and agriculture. At one time, we were even a shipping point on Lake Apopka for the vegetables and oranges for which we were well known. In 1999, the Friends of Lake Apopka formed the Oakland Nature Preserve to restore and preserve an area adjacent to Lake Apopka to educate future generations on this area ‘as it was’ before development. In cooperation with the Town of Oakland, 130 acres of wetlands and uplands were secured and are being restored. The preserve is owned by the Town. It was developed and is operated by the Oakland Nature Preserve, Inc. and is open free to the public for nature walks, self guided tours, bird watching, and many formal and informal programs. For a minimal charge field trips and guided tours can be scheduled.

Charter School

In 2003, the Town of Oakland created the Oakland Avenue Charter School, a K-5 elementary school chartered under the auspices of Orange County Public Schools. The school, which has over 500 students is owned and operated by the Town of Oakland and has maintained an ‘A’ rating for several years.