Tree City

The Town of Oakland is designated as a Tree City. The Town is in its Tenth Year of Designation.


There are four standards a community must comply with to be Tree City USA qualified:
  • Your city must have a Tree Board or Forestry Department.
    • This only means that if your city can’t afford a department for tree care and management, you can create a board of volunteers. This is the only way to go in smaller communities.
  • Your city must have a local tree ordinance. Every community should have an annual work and action plan. This tree ordinance helps define the action plan. It will provide clear guidance for planting, maintaining and removing trees from streets, parks and other public places.
  • Your city must spend $2 per capita. In most cases this amount, and probably much more, is being spent by city work crews. If not, you may need the Tree City USA program more than you know.
  • Your city must promote Arbor Day. This may be the easiest of the four standards. Proclaim Arbor Day in your city and plant a few trees.