Fair Housing

The Town of Oakland has been notified of receipt of a Department of Housing and Urban Development Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) for housing rehabilitation in the amount of $600,000. In addition, Orange County is providing an additional $125,000 of HUD funds to assist with the same purpose. A condition of this CDBG award agreement incorporates some new fair housing requirements that the Town post information on our website regarding fair housing rights and contact information for individuals should they want to make a fair housing complaint. Thus, please be advised of the following:
  • “The Town of Oakland is committed to fair housing and civil rights laws that protect persons regardless of race, color, familial status, handicap, national origin, religion and gender (Town Ordinance Number 95-07). For more information or to report a potential civil rights violation including those related to Fair Housing, Equal Employment Opportunity or Section 504/ADA Compliance, contact Stephen Koontz, Town Manager, at 407-656-1117.”