Kyle Zavada - Music

Zavada Bio 17-18

Hello, my name is Kyle Zavada aka Mr. Z! I am a K-12 certified music teacher with a master's degree in Music Education and a bachelor's degree in Music Performance. I believe that music is a universal language and a positive outlet for people to express themselves through. My skill set and teaching style is unique, supportive and enthusiastic; fostering a productive environment that encourages students to be engaged in the joy of music.


Last year was my first year with Oakland Ave, and I am extremely excited for some really great improvements this year. During my seven years of teaching beforehand, I have found myself in many diverse situations; during my undergrad years I had the opportunity to participate in a program called the "Jamaica Field Service Project." While there, I studied the culture with locals and worked at different schools teaching drumming, singing and recorder to students in Treasure Beach, St. Elizabeth, Portland and St. Mary. During my graduate years at Queens College, I played in a Balinese Gamelan ensemble which utilized instruments specifically from Indonesia.

It is my goal to create a foundation for life-long music skills and help each student develop their talent. Parents can expect their students to learn how to read rhythms and notes on the staff, as well as develop the skill to follow and play along with a beat. Whether just listening and appreciating, creating, or performing, music is for everyone in some manifestation, and we will do it all here in Mr. Z's Music Class!