About Me

Hello everyone, I am Mr. Fenu and I am the art educator at Oakland Avenue Charter School!  
I am very excited for another wonderful year!

I was born in New Jersey, and lived there until I was 11 when I moved to Florida, living in Oviedo for most of my middle school and high school life.  When it was time to think about colleges, I chose to attend Seminole State College while looking to learn about sequential art.  However, near the end of my time there, I realized teaching art was my true passion, and switched gears toward art education.  Once I received my associates, I transferred over to UCF, and got my bachelors degree in art education.

During my time at UCF I studied many artistic movements and time periods.  My favorite movements are Pop Art, Expressionism, Surrealism, and the Baroque time frame.  As far as famous artists go, my favorite happens to be Roy Lichtenstein.

I have many fun and exciting projects in the works for this year, which utilize both contemporary and historical artists and art movements!