Founders' Circle

Join the Town of Oakland in creating a new era of community connection.

The Healthy West Orange Arts and Heritage Center at the Town of Oakland, nestled among the oaks on the West Orange Trail at Oakland Town Center, will be our dynamic hub for community activity.

Emphasizing our commitment to our community’s future, it will feature historic and modern art exhibits, sharing and preserving our rich history. It will increase community engagement of residents and guests with arts and music performances, community events and fit/eco-tourism initiatives. It will promote wellness through healthy lifestyle education and programs. The Center will also provide opportunities to collaborate with businesses, government and cultural organizations.

Here, we will ensure the preservation of our history, enrich our daily lives and open the doors of opportunity for our Oakland community.

The Founders’ Circle is comprised of community leaders who are dedicated to Oakland’s past, present and future. As a Founders’ Circle Member, you will be recognized in the Center as a community leader who helps Oakland promote wellness, share our history, support the arts and serve as welcoming host for community events. Please join us.

To become part of the Founders’ Circle, contact our Administrative Services Manager Elisha Pappacoda or visit 230 W. Tubb St., Oakland to request a form.

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